Jumat, 09 Agustus 2013

If you are involved in education technology then you know that we are living through some really exciting times. Can you imagine any other time period where a telephone could get so much hype. Yes, Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld 2007, left a lasting impression not only on devout Mac users but on mainstream USA. It wasn’t long before every major mainstream media organization had picked up the story about the iPhone and made predictions about Apple’s entry into the telecommunication industry. It should be noted that in many ways Apple Computer is well aware of what is in store for us as companies begin to manufacture electronic tools that embody increased functionality. Imagine all that power in the palm of you hands.

Apple understands what tomorrow will bring and to reflect this, has officially dropped the word ‘computer” from their corporate name. Well we will have to wait and see just how good the iPhone is until some time in June 2007, the future is clear. All of us will eventually be touting powerful multifunction communication tools that are housed in a small package we call a phone. The iPhone will be just one of many portable phones that can play music, videos allow us to chat and even run applications so that we can do our word processing or surf the web. We will no longer have crippled programs but applications that work very much like those the we have on our desktop. In the perfect world all of our devices will synchronize so that our email and contacts can be shared among the various devices and computers that we use. It is in this spirit that I applaud Apple and trust that their design and interface will be a catalyst for ingenuity in this marketplace so that others can benefit from small portable computing devices that can be used wherever and whenever.

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