Minggu, 03 November 2013

There are many bed covers out there which people can select. Producers come across with these variants in order to accommodate all demands. Bed cover, quilt, and pillow are the best complement to your bed set to accentuate the conception of your home. Bed set is the best part of interior design in your bed room. There are lots of creative concepts possible to make by choosing bed cover as well as its duvet, cushion, other furniture for your room, and wallpaper backdrop. The variants are made from variation in materials and colors.

Bed Cover Materials
There are several materials that people usually use to make bed cover. Some of the well-liked ones is polyester. This is made from synthetic materials and made into many variants with various motifs and colors. This material is not easy to become wrinkled so you don't need to tidy it up often. But this material doesn't absorb sweat so it is not very comfortable especially when the weather conditions is hot. The best point of this fabric is its cheap price beside the wide array of variants.

Cotton is other well-liked material. There is cotton which is mixed with polyester. It is common sold in market with very high variants. These bed covers are more comfortable than polyester and becoming one of people's favorite because the price is not very expensive. For more convenience, people can choose 100% cotton which is relatively more expensive. The pores of fabric are still unseen but this material tends to easily be wrinkled. The next material is satin which also made from 100% cotton but the braid is dissimilar. There are a lot of braids crossed so satin will be thicker than cotton but more silky. It is also convenience for your body.

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