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Designer bed covers can be a great addition to any home. You can find a wide variety in oversized bed covers online, which are ideal for beds with deep mattresses. Also, these are perfect if your bed is high and regal in design, and a designer bedspread adds to the beauty of the bed and the room as a whole. Bed covers were traditionally used to simply keep bed sheets clean. At the time, white bed sheets were the only kinds used, and because maintaining these is difficult, bed covers were invented to cover the sheets during day time when the bed was not in use. Today, however , bed covers are an integral part of a good home decor. From cotton bed covers, silk bed covers, duvet bed covers to quilted bed covers; you will find the perfect bedspread for every mood, every season and every occasion.

Some people love the look of oversized designer bed covers that are floor sweeping. While this does have an impressive aesthetic affect, it also comes in handy in another way. Those who don't have box beds but use the under bed area to store boxes, suitcases, luggage and more can easily hide this clutter with a floor sweeping bed cover. The rich colours and luxurious fabrics hide these visual flaws to perfection, giving the room a beautifully finished look. Designer duvet bed covers and quilted bed covers are great for winters; they keep the bed insulated and also give the bedroom a warm cosy look. Additionally , use these in summers as well if your air conditioner is turned on through the day, making the room icy cool. These bed covers can then double up as comfy blankets, becoming all the more functional.

Shopping tips for bedcovers:

•When looking at bed covers online, make sure you choose those that are neutral coloured. Since high quality bedspreads tend to last for years, you want them to match with all the design and decor changes you will bring in to the room over the next decade.

•When looking to buy bed covers that are oversized you need to be sure of the size, especially if you have extra deep mattresses that are rising in popularity. It's important to know the depth of your mattress and then choose a size that covers the bed sheets and the pillows, while hanging luxuriously all over the sides.

•When buying cotton bed covers, make sure that you choose a reliable manufacturer. Cotton is known to bleed dark colours, and since most people choose darker shades in bedcovers in order to have to launder them less frequently, you want assurance that the cotton used is of high quality and so are the dyes used to bring colour. With silk bed covers make sure that the thread count is high so that the silk is smooth and satiny, and opt for sets that come with pillow covers as well for a complete stylish look.

•Oversized designer bed covers are a popular option for many bedrooms. Depending on the style, they tend to look best in classic, romantic, and relaxed bedroom designs, but aren't usually crisp and streamlined enough for urban and contemporary spaces.

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